Friday, October 04, 2013

SNAP looking to remove Rev. Robert Stepek

When SNAP wants something, I find it is wise to jump on the bandwagon as they are almost alway right. They want Rev. Robert Stepek removed from his position as a Police Department Counselor in Burbank. Why? Because the archdiocese of Chicago removed him as the pastor of St. Albert the Great Church when two bothers people came forward with abuse complaints.

The archdiocese removed Stepek from the ministry at St. Albert in November 2006 while the allegations were being investigated. The priest filed a defamation lawsuit against the brothers, claiming they were fabricating their allegations in hopes of a large cash payouts.

The brothers, in August 2007, filed their own lawsuit against Stepek, which later was settled out of court.

While the archdiocese’s findings tended to buttress the brothers’ claims, the Vatican said last month that, following “two lengthy” trials by a canonical court, the court “was unable to find evidence strong enough to merit a judgment that Fr. Stepek had sexually abused a minor,” according to a Sept. 15 statement released by the archdiocese.

Source:Group demands pastor's ouster from police by Mike Nolan

How about it Burbank Police Chief Bruce Radowicz? Why have an alleged pedopriest on staff?