Sunday, August 04, 2013

To what purpose?

I read this type of stories and ask myself, "To what purpose?"

I do not understand why living on top of pillar isolated in the mountains brings you any closer to God than the widow down the street who says her prayers each day. Fanatical devotion is… fanatical.

Monk takes devotion to new heights

Maxime the monk lives on a pillar. When he wants to step down out of the clouds, the 59-year-old scales a 131-foot ladder, which takes him about 20 minutes.

After living on Katskhi pillar for 20 years, Maxime’s climbs have slowed, but having worked as a crane operator in a past life, he’s never feared heights.

The story is a photo essay by Photographer Amos Chapple, who is gifted. Enjoy.