Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shiite Baptists, I like the term

Angela Thomas, the wife of assistant pastor Bill Thomas, wrote a column critical of the Southern Baptists response to the Boy Scouts welcoming gay members, has placed her husbands job at risk. It seems that the Shiite Baptists cannot take criticism from within the ranks. Even if the criticism is mild…

"Sexuality doesn't come up and isn't relative to typical scouting activities but now, thanks to Southern Baptists, the parents of little innocent scouts everywhere are having to have The Talk," she wrote June 19 in The Madisonville Messenger. She writes a weekly humor column for the community paper, which publishes daily.

Angela Thomas' column introduces the term, "Shiite Baptists". I think it is fitting. Let me tell you why. I get the nastiest emails from two religious categories: Muslims and Baptists. All I need do to start the hate mail is write a post critical of either group. The next day my inbox is full. I have filters setup to look for the hate content. It is deleted automatically. 

Bill Thomas was or is the assistant pastor at First Baptist Church in Madisonville

I view Southern Baptists as a fringe cult these days. A large and obnoxious fringe cult. What do you think?