Sunday, June 09, 2013

WWJD? Death threats over a freethinkers club

Would Jesus condone his follower issuing death threats against teenaged freethinkers? I guess he would if it were the bible belt and any threat to Christian supremacy is meant with intimidation and threats of violence.

The Genesis Of Alabama’s Only HS “Freethinkers” Club

So Duncan tried to start a freethinkers’ club two years ago at Auburn Junior High. He wanted a safe social space for himself and like-minded classmates. But Duncan and his family say a former principal stonewalled it, which the administrator — who’s now with a different school system — denies outright. Regardless, Duncan got death threats from fellow students:
“One threatened to shoot me and every other atheist with a shotgun.”
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These are kids and the death threats are tinged with teenaged rage and immaturity. Is this what one teaches children at the local First Baptist Church in Alabama? Baby Jesus is crying. 

Hat tip to MKooasdoa of Reddit