Saturday, June 08, 2013

A victory for Christa Dias and America

Christa Dias won a $171,000 judgement against the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. She had been unjustly fired for using artificial insemination to become pregnant while unmarried. Catholics claimed that it was cause for termination. The court did not agree.

Christa Dias's court victory reaffirms the longstanding principle that religious freedom does not give anyone or any entity a free pass to discriminate. Recently, some religiously-affiliated organizations and secular for-profit businesses that hire from and serve the public have tried to justify discrimination by invoking religious freedom. While this country ardently protects the absolute right to believe what you want, the right to act upon those beliefs is not unlimited. It does not permit employers, businesses, or individuals to interfere with the rights of, and harm, others – including pregnant women, women seeking access to contraception or LGBT individuals.

Source: A Victory for Workers, a Victory for Families

Support the ACLU. They do our heavily lifting. 

I have a question. If Catholics think it is amoral to use artificial insemination, is it ok to abort the fetus then?