Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pastor David Berman demonstrating Christian values

Watch this video of a man confronting two Robin Hood activists. It's a little scary. I actually thought the man was being too aggressive and could potentially pose a risk to the two young men he was confronting. 

The man is Pastor David Berman (cheesy website). The Robin Hoods' activism is simply dropping coins in Keene's parking meters, plus filming the meter readers. The Robin Hoods are being sued by the city of Keene for allegedly harassing meter readers. The case is about lost parking fine income for the city and is not the focus of my attention today. The behavior of Pastor Berman interests me though. I must ask, is this how a Christian should act? Is this how a pastor should act? Is this love? Is this compassion? Heck, is this even the way the issue should be handled? 

Pastor Berman is angry, belligerent, pedantic, and most of all, he's acting like a child. Is this what Jesus would do? I don't think so.

Berman originally posted his video to Youtube, but after other people noticed his un-Jesus-like behavior, he pulled it.  Come to think about it, when a pastor is exhibiting un-Jesus-like behavior, who or what is he emulating? 

The conflict that troubles me the most is Berman's insistence that the activists are somehow enabling tyranny while protesting against the government. It's just crazy. 

Berman is a fraud. He is a fraud as a Christian, and questionable in other ways too. Check out where he got his Th.D