Monday, May 27, 2013

Gone with the Wynns

It is a lazy Memorial Day morning here in SoCal, so instead of working, I sat on the sofa and watched HGTV's House Hunters RV Edition while sipping a good cup of my wife's coffee. I watched as the Wynns selected a $200k beast of a RV to begin a year-long road trip. The Wynns have an interesting travel blog. I spent an hour of so reading and watching their YouTube channel. I found the whole experience interesting, so I though I would pass it along.

Here is a sample:

I've owned a trailer, which we used up and down California for camping, but never a RV. My preference is for small and efficient rather than large and bus-like.  

I also found the people who lost out to the Wynns while developing the TV show. They have an interesting blog too. Go Local Chow! It's all about the food baby.