Saturday, May 25, 2013

A pastor and his needs

Youth pastor Chris Allen Phillips was arrested for allegedly embezzling $80,000 from the Mechanicsville Advent Christian Church. Phillips was allegedly paying an ugly prostitute hush-money to cover up a $200 blowjob. He told police he had paid Tony Farnsworth $100,000. Phillips is an idiot. 

A church elder said this week that Phillips has been placed on leave without pay as the church's youth minister but declined further comment about why Phillips was relieved. Phillips told Hanover investigators that he paid Farnsworth as much as $100,000, according to a search warrant. His arrest Thursday night on the embezzlement charge indicates some portion of that money came from his church.

Source: Hanover pastor arrested for embezzling from church

Who pays $100,000 to an ugly hooker to cover up a blow job? Who steals $80,000 to cover a morals crime? Its like shooting a fly with a howitzer. But seriously, $200 for a blowjob? Phillips is out of his mind.