Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why does a pastor have a sword?

I had a good tip on an odd clergy based crime story from Sacramento which happened a few days ago. Pastor David Goudie calls himself a soldier of the Lord, I guess that's why he allegedly stabbed his roommate in the nuts with a sword.

Goudie, 51, is accused of breaking the law, as well as one of God’s commandments, which is love thy neighbor.

“I saw an object just coming towards me, and it was a sword,” said Mock.

Mock says Goudie, whom he shared a home with for four months, viciously attacked him with a 4-foot sword Tuesday.

“The sword went through my hand and through my groin — through my privates,” said Mock.

Source: Pastor Of Online Ministry Accused of Stabbing Roommate In Genitals With Sword by Maria Medina

Oh man… a sword in the nuts. Most men will instinctively grab their junk when threatened by this type of attack, which explains why the victim said he was wounded in the hand.

My question is not why pastor David Goudie allegedly stabbed his roommate, but instead, why would a pastor have a sword, or a gun, or any weapon for that matter? If a pastor is a follower of Christ, then one would think that they would eschew violence and try to emulate the peaceful deity they worship. A pastor with a gun is an oxymoron. A pastor with a sword, well, that's just crazy. What would Jesus do? I'm pretty sure he did not use a sword in the bible, so I'm guess he would not attack his roommate with it. 

Charges were subsequently dropped

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