Thursday, March 07, 2013

The worst thing anyone could call another human being

I grew up thinking that the term "rat bastard", was the worst thing anyone could call another human being. Use of the term was reserved for the worst of the worst. Like the man you kicked your dog or dirty old man who always chased you from his yard. They were the rat bastards of my youth. I was five of course, so worse terms would enter my vocabulary a few years later.

At five, hearing my dad call somebody a rat bastard was powerful. It scared me. I remember crying at its use to describe a neighbor and my dad trying to comfort me. I even thought it a horrible curse word and avoided saying it within earshot of my mom or little sisters.

I'll use the term now though, but I only use it sparingly as it is still a powerful and emotional phrase. It has been supplanted in my vocabulary by another horrible phrase; "child rapist". I use this term much more frequently.

Rat bastard and accused child rapist Louis Joseph Bristol (28), a youth pastor at Carpinteria Community Church, was arrested and charged with raping two teen girls.


Bristol was arrested Wednesday afternoon and charged with multiple counts of child molestation, child rape, lewd acts upon a child and furnishing an illegal substance to minors, authorities said. Bristol sexually molested and raped the teens, authorities allege, after he met them at church and sent inappropriate text messages and photos. The crimes took place late last year and early this year in vacant rooms at the hotel, authorities say. Bristol also gave and sold marijuana to the teens and to others in the youth group, authorities said.

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Bristol had a perfect setup. He had access to young girls as youth pastor, and access to private hotel rooms as a hotel manager. How did his church miss this obvious conflict of interest?

A quick check of the church website shows no indication of the arrest of Bristol. There are no statements, no press releases, and no updates for parents. The website is also missing the obvious call for more victims. The police believe Bristol has abused other girls. I would think that Carpinteria Community Church would use its website to help bring this situation to light. I guess not though. It looks like it is better to erase Bristol's image and footprint,  and then soldier on. My guess is that Rev. Jarrett Johnson is worried about his church's image (and culpability).