Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LAPD - Give the ladies a truck and pay the taxes

Back when every cop was searching for Christopher Dorner, two old ladies were pulled over by the LAPD. The cops fired 102 bullets into a truck containing Emma Hernandez, 71 and her daughter, Margie. How the cops though they posed a treat is anyone's guess, but I'll throw my guess in just for grins. I guess incompetence.

Why? On the same day and at the same time these poor women were facing execution,  I was pulled over by three cops on the 5 freeway near Sylmar. They eyeballed me with their hands on their guns and determined that I was not a big black man wearing body armor. They let me go a few minutes after the initial stop. I had no idea that Dorner was killing cops at the time, so the whole incident was unsettling and scary. I was in a gray Toyota Tundra with a camper shell. Dorner was in a gray Nissan Titan. I don't get how the mixed it up in my case. The woman were in a blue Toyota pickup. Everything about the case was off, yet the cops still opened fire anyway. 

LAPD officers unloaded on the truck in an attempt to kill the driver and passenger; all without any provocation. The LAPD offered to buy a new truck to replace the truck they shot up in the big "shootout" (Is it a shootout if only one side shoots?). The women rejected the offer because they would have had to pay federal taxes on a $30,000 gift. I'm thinking the right thing to do is buy the ladies a truck and pay all the taxes or trade them a new truck for an old one. Anything is better than having the woman fork of $15k in taxes. Plus, the city can deduct the difference from the 10 million dollar settlement that will one day settle this mess. 

We must remember that the LAPD began shooting with no warning. LAPD - please fire all six of the police officers who opened fire on the truck. We don't want their "help".