Tuesday, March 12, 2013

In Tennessee, we love everyone… except those LGBTs

Is this America or the land of nonsense? Sometime I wonder. I expect equality and freedom, not hatred and bigotry. I read this story today: Tennessee bill allows Christian counselors to reject suicidal LGBT students. 

Before I read the story, the headline blew my mind. How is it possible that any Christian would want the legal right to reject giving another human being help in their darkest hour? Is this what Jesus taught? That… help is offered for the sick, the blind, the poor and lepers even, as long as they are not Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgendered. What! The! Fuck!

What kind of an idiot would dare to damage the Christian brand in such an antithetical way? Our misguided crusader is named Senator Joey Hensley and you can send him your love at Sen.Joey.Hensley@capitol.tn.gov. 

After reading the article, my opinion is that Joey Hensley and the Family Action Council of Tennessee need to go read about Jesus and then reflect on service. If necessary, I know this little old lady who has been feeding the homeless. I'm sure she can teach them a few things. After reeducation, take a few years to study what we expect as a society from our doctors. Consider it remedial punishment.

What Hensley is offering is a perversion of principles of Christianity and a complete misunderstanding of the Hippocratic Oath. 

The best quote of the day….

“The concept of so-called ‘religious liberty’ as it’s being (mis)used is faulty,” Badash wrote on Tuesday. “If anti-gay people want a reason to not help gay people, they should have the personal courage to do so, and accept the consequences.”

Um… yes, that makes perfect sense to me. 

I spoke to a homeless man recently. He asked me if I were a Christian. I told him no. He looked disappointed. When I asked whey, he told me that Christians always help. I'll offer the following comeback the next time I'm asked a similar question, "…not if you are LGBT."