Thursday, March 21, 2013

In honor of World Poetry Day II - Salma Rajathi

This is a powerful story. I can't wait to watch it.

Chariot of darkness
The children’s daybreak always
waits until I have opened my eyes.
Every day, with their petitions,
they draw out my dawn
from the night’s heavy darkness.
The elder boy, tearful eyes sparkling,
claiming his prerogative for the first bath,
waits for my consent, while the younger one
who swallowed the last drop of my breast milk
clamours loudly, voicing the privilege
of the very young. The very house shudders.
A monstrous picture of my neglect
lies stagnant, immoveable, always
in my eldest son’s heart.
It disturbs the impartiality of my love;
tilts it momentarily.
Their tender hearts churn my motherhood
with their tears,
and measure out their share
of the massing love.
Though they plant only seeds
of weariness, yet
with my sons help
I will take hold of the tow-rope
and haul away the darkness always by my side
like an unmoving chariot.

by Salma Rajathi