Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I get comments

On a recent post about former youth pastor Greg Sweeney, a confused friend of the pastor Greg left this jewel of a misguided comment on my post.

Well I saw some naked guys at the YMCA in the locker room and there were young boys around. Lets get a posse and hang those guys. How dare they be naked. You better pray that you don't get caught masturbating or making love to your wife by your kids. You'll be thrown in jail with those guys at the gym. If you know Greg pray he goes free or we'll all be victims of this police state liberals are creating. The church fired him, they had too, but the first few posts on this blog suggested this was a scandal of the church. This is an individual with a problem that a huge portion of our population has. Everyone take a deep breathe and worry about your own freedom. In the meantime figure out a way to get politicians to stop Internet porn and don't rush to judgement. The press loves to undermine faith, morality, and family. I would trust this guy over almost anyone in the liberal media.

Sweeney is accused of serial masterbation in front of a child… presumably his child. The official charge is performing sexual conduct in front of a minor. My anonymous critic tries to make a point, but I think he might be too dim to understand the difference between normal behavior and deviant behavior. I'm pretty sure seeing naked men in the show is normal, but a fat man masterbating to internet porn while under a blanket is deviant behavior when a child is involved. It's not an offense in private, but when you add a kid and perform said act a few times, well that makes you an asshole and pervert. It is pretty simple.

From there Mr. Anonymous goes down the teabagger trail… like most of these types do. Talk about deviant behavior.