Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I expect justice

There is a fundamental principle of honesty that is supposed to run through our "Christ-based" county. It's an honesty I expect, but almost never experience. Especially when the government is involved. If most people in this country are really Christian, then I would expect honesty to be score value, but it is not. Everybody lies. Case in point: Sgt. Richard Jones of the NYP allegedly lied under oath in order to convict an Occupy protester. Michael Premo, the Occupy protestor in question, was acquitted of all charges when a video surfaced that directly contradicted the testimony of Sgt. Jones.

Nick Pinto of Village Voice reported last week that Occupy Wall Street protester Michael Premo was acquitted of all charges against him in the trial following his December 2011 arrest near Duarte Square in New York City. He was testified against by a Sgt. Richard Jones (transcripts will be posted when available), whose recounting of the events was severely disproved by Jon Greberg's eyewitness video of the incident, showing Premo being knocked to the ground, then tackled by officers as he tried to stand. Sgt. Jones claimed under oath that Premo "charged" at an officer, which is clearly repudiated by the video.

Source:Exclusive: Identity of NYPD Office Who Lied Under Oath to Convict Innocent Occupy Protester Has Been Un-Reported… Until now. Via Disruptive Liberties.

This is a clear case of misconduct. It should be criminal case. The lie Jones told would have put Premo in prison for a long time. Sgt. Jones attempted to damage another American His attack might as well have been with a club or knife. He was trying to hurt an innocent man. He lied to the court. Justice demands that he be fired and prosecuted. 

Thankfully, we are not a "Christ-Based" country. We are a nation of laws. Right? Not in this case though. I doubt Sgt. Jones will be held accountable for his crime. I doubt he will be disciplined in any way. People like Jones are immune to the laws the govern the rest of us. They prey on us under the guise of protecting us. How is that right?