Sunday, February 03, 2013

In the kingdom of stupid, Bill Donohue is king

I try not to pay attention to Bill Donohue. The man is an idiot. Of course, sometimes I cannot resist. The stupid hurts. 

The president of a Catholic group aimed at defending religious liberties has claimed that the rescue of a dog that was due to be put down because its owner thought he was gay shows anti-straight bias.

Source: Catholic group claims ‘gay’ dog rescued from death is anti-straight discrimination by Andrew Potts

Anti-straight bias?

In a January 31 news release entitled ‘Euthanizing Gay Dogs’ Catholic League president William A Donohue compared the issue of Elton the dog’s rescue to medically assisted suicide in the US state of Washington and the Netherlands – arguing that gay people now received better treatment than straight people or the disabled.

I don't see the connection. Do you?

This week in Tennessee a dog was rescued from being euthanized … because the condition driving the dog’s death was his alleged homosexuality,’ Donohue wrote in a news release posted on the group’s website.

‘The place where Elton was dropped … encourages dog adoption, but it also promotes dog euthanasia. Not, however, in Elton’s case. The shelter has no stomach for putting dogs down on the basis of sexual orientation.

What is the real issue here? A dog was about to be put down because it's former owed was a bigoted idiot. That is the news. Who would do such a thing? We all know on a visceral level that killing a dog because you think it is gay is simply insane, and worse, trasference. Why can't Donahue see this as the inhuman act that it actually is? Why can't he see the rescue as an act of love?

Donohue would not know love if it bit him on the ass.  Are you listening Elton?