Friday, December 21, 2012

Pastor Wiley Jackson indicted

Okay guys, here is my plan. We start a church. We build membership by acting the way a pastor/christian should act while promoting the prosperity doctrine because that brings in the poor folks. Then, when we've got them on their knees praying to God for wealth, we prey on the weak and infirm. Rich I tell you! We will be rich!

That's how the scam works folks.

According to DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James, the leader of Gospel Tabernacle Church recruited members to buy shares in an unregistered company called Genesis, LLC. James said neither brother was licensed by the state to sell securities.

"Some people lost a lot of money," said James.

CBS Atlanta News first reported on the alleged investment scheme in 2010, when two investors accused their former pastor of taking thousands of dollars.

According to the indictment, Abbey Shanks of Locust Grove lost $10,000 when she invested in Genesis in 2002.

Source: Megachurch pastor Wiley Jackson, brother indicted for securities fraud

Pastor Wiley runs the mega church the Gospel Tabernacle Church in Atlanta. 

Ten tips to prevent losing all your money to a pastor

Tip #1 - Never trust a pastor named "Wiley"

Tip #2 - Never trust a pastor that drives a Bently

Tip #3 - Never let your pastor invest your money

Tip #4 - All investments carries risk

Tip #5 - Judge a pastor by how he handles his own money

Tip #6 - Go read the bible about Jesus and the money changers (there was a message in the text)

Tip #7 - Fire your pastor if he starts a business that targets his flock (it's called a fleecing for a reason)

Tip #8 - Find another church if your pastor preaches the prosperity doctrine 

Tip #9  - If you are attending a mega church you are doing Christianity wrong

Tip #10 - Read this blog. 

These cases crack me up. How can anybody be so dumb as to listen to a man like this and then give him your hard-earned savings? It defies credulity.