Monday, December 17, 2012

I give you… Baptist Nutball Sam Morris

Baptist pastor Sam Morris made the news this week because of his mouth. He let it spew hatred in public. The world too note of his idiocy. Key points follow:

  • Public schools are "mind-control centers." 
  • Public schools teach "junk about evolution." 
  • Public schools teach "how to be a homo." 
  • He thinks all this is about gun control. 
  • Called equal rights a "sham" and equated it with "equal immorality." 
  • Claimed Adam Lanza was taught that he was a God in public school. 
  • Suggested we publicly mutilate the body of Adam Lanza. 
  • Morris wants revenge against a dead man.
  • Conflated mass murder with his political position on abortion. 
  • Ranted on gun control while claiming that mass shootings never take place at gun shows which suggests that if school teachers were armed it would have prevented the shooting. 
  • Blamed the shooting on kicking God out of public schools. 
  • Called public school "government school." 
  • Said that evolution teaches us that we are animals, so we can act like animals. 
  • Suggested that public schools teach you to rebel against your parents.

All this tripe from a pastor in response to a mass murder. I listened to his words in disbelieve. Where is the love of Christ in this message of paranoia and hate? How is this Christianity? How is Pastor Morris a role model or a leader of sane people? Not only are his words political rhetoric and full of vitriol, they are universally the words of a ranting nutball… except from maybe the part about no mass murders at gun shows. He also suggested that there had never been a shooting at gun show. Ten seconds on the internet proves that wrong

Pastor Sam Morris preaches at Old Paths Baptist Church. Does Morris actually preach? You be the judge.

I always spend a little time looking at the education of blowhards like Morris. He claims to have a Doctorate of Divinity in 2011 from Historic Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, in Scarborough, Ontario. (Which is actually an unaccredited school located in a church.) The school website does not offer PhD programs. And get this, the school gives women a different degree then men for the same course of study. Morris sounds "highly" educated. 

Is this what being a Christian is all about? Is it simply a collection of paranoia, fear, hatred, and contempt for the truth? Where is the love? Where is the sympathy for the victims of this horrible tragedy?