Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hypocrisy level mind blowing


I track clergy misconduct under the labels Hypocrisy Watch and Clergy Sexual Abuse. Hypocrisy Watch has over 1,445 entries. Clergy Sexual Abuse has over 530 entries. Most of these stories focus on clergy doing decidedly non-Christian acts, some of which are heinous in nature, like child molestation and murder. Every year or two a storied comes across my desk that is simply mind blowing. Like this one from tipster spritgnDeacon removed after child porn charges.

MONTREAL — A prominent West Island deacon — who used to comment on church sexual abuse scandals — is expected to appear in court on Monday after being charged on the weekend with the production and distribution of child pornography.

William Kokesch, a 65-year-old deacon of St. Edmund of Canterbury Parish in Beaconsfield, was arrested Friday after police carried out two search warrants — one at his home in Pointe Claire and the other at the church.

Deacon William Kokesch is a hypocrite. The word hypocrite barely touches the level of depravity involved in this man's alleged crimes. He was known for officially criticizing pedophiles and clergy sexual abuse, yet he was charged with making and distributing child pornography. I mean… what the fuck?

Kokesch is another example of a member of Catholic church, criticizing the clergy sexual abuse scandal while allegedly living a double life focused on abusing children. Did I mention he worked with children? Kokesch also advised the pope. It is simply mind blowing. Kokesch is a real player in the Catholic church and is often sough out for media interviews to comment on clergy sexual abuse. He's also an ordained official of the Catholic church. He is not a priest, but is something known as a "permanent deacon".

Kokesch, who was ordained as a “permanent deacon” in the diocese of Montreal in 1981, then served as the communications director for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops in Ottawa. In 2005, he was entrusted by the conference to coordinate the Canadian delegation to World Youth Day Catholic celebrations in Cologne, Germany.

The Catholic church needs a purge and a do over. I don't see how anything they say can be trusted. They have lost their moral imperative (if they ever had one).