Thursday, December 13, 2012

A little bleach to the face

A fellow blogger was attacked in Williamsburgh earlier this week. Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg writes a blog about sex abuse within the Orthodox Jewish community. One day after the Nechemya Weberman was convicted of serial child molestation, Rosenberg had a cup of bleach thrown in his face, burning his face and blinding him in one eye.
Rabbi Nachum Rosenberg told PIX11 he was walking down Roebling Street, when a man with a beard and black coat ran across from a fish store and confronted him.
“He takes a full cup of bleach and he spilled it onto me. Half of my face is burned, and my left eye, I can’t see right out of it. I see everything very faded.” 
The attack happened one day after a jury convicted a prominent Satmar Hasidic man, Nechemya Weberman, of repeatedly molesting a student in the community, starting when she was just 12 years old. Weberman, an unlicensed counselor, faces up to 117 years in prison, when he’s sentenced next month. Many Hasidic men in the community raised money for his defense.
Source: Bleach thrown in face of rabbi who writes about sex abuse in Williamsburg’s Orthodox Jewish community
Rabbi Rosenberg is a brave man.