Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A good Christian would never steal

A good Christian would never steal. It’s in the Ten Commandments and everything. Stealing is a serious offence for true believers. It is right up there with not making craven images and keeping the Sabbath. God, and by extension Jesus, would be super pissed at the sinner and might not let the thief into prison. If that is the case, the why do Christians steal? Take Scott Domeier, the former accountant for the Archdiocese of St. Paul. He stands accused of stealing from the Catholic Church. I think that is a double sin.

It was pocket change to Domeier. He just needed to pay off a few credit cards and other personal expenses. The church did not notice the missing funds until an independent audit found $670k missing. Oops. I guess the Archdiocese did not buy into the whole ‘trust but verify” concept. They must have thought that a Christian would never steal.

Domeier was accounting services director for the archdiocese between February 1995 and January 2012. He was placed on administrative leave in January after the archdiocese hired an accounting firm and uncovered financial discrepancies.

Source: Former archdiocese accountant faces new tax charges

Wow… 12 years without an audit. That sounds like mismanagement to me. But who am I to judge?

Hat tip to James.