Thursday, November 15, 2012

Let’s just call it fraud

I am aware enough about public events to know that the term “adverse possession” means some lowlife scammer is attempting to use an obscure legal concept to steal a house from its legitimate owners. It almost never works. Yet, unscrupulous people will teach you the concept. They will even give paid seminars in churches where the concept is promoted as a Christian activity. God wants you to be rich you know.. which leads me to my next story. 

TamiRobinsonPastor Tami Robinson, she actually refers to herself as Apostle Robinson, was arrested for attempting to acquire two homes via adverse possession. Her cover story is that she was finding homes for the homeless. Of course, she was arrested….

She filed paperwork with the Property Appraiser's Office, changed the locks on two empty Riverview homes and moved people in — people who need homes, she said. Struggling people.

But authorities say it's a crime: burglary, fraud and grand theft. They arrested Robinson and one of her church members, Samantha Magras-Gavin, last month.

Robinson claims it was God’s work. The real test is who profits from the transaction. The homeless families get a place to live for free (I assume). Robinson gets two houses. Something smells fishy.

Robinson said she changed the locks but added that she never claimed to own the homes. That couldn't happen until she had paid the property taxes for seven years, she said.

"I was an adverse possessor," she said.

Adverse possession is well-known scam. Google adverse possession arrest if you doubt me.

Robinson is a pastor only if you consider church a business. She runs a church-based business with her husband called Covenant Life Apostolic Ministries, Inc., They counsel people.

Our vision is based on a mantle of Godly Relationship. Through the union of marriage the Apostles' were given this vision to equip, nurture, and foster an atmosphere that leads others to a divine covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ in every are of their lives. The Apostles are prolific speakers and teachers of spiritual principles, apostolic order, government, and relationship, economic empowerment, spiritual growth and development, and relationship management and growth. We also have More and Better Marriage and Relationship Ministry; Covenant Outreach Ministry; and a host of other opportunities to allow God's people to grow and exercise their gifts and callings. SEE OUR RELATIONSHIP RETREAT INFO AT

I’m not sure if they have a church, but you can get relationship advice from two newlywed apostles… who both came from broken marriages. Run right out and sign up now. It seem legit. Be sure to ask for their credentials. I’m sure they have advanced degrees and counseling certifications.

Robinson is an African American. Apparently, she thinks that the police targeted her for arrest because of her race. She’s filed a lawsuit. I’m thinking trying to steal two houses may have caused her arrest .

"Anyone can go down and file a lawsuit," said Larry McKinnon, spokesman for the sheriff's office, "but we're prepared to deal with it and we're going to continue protecting the rights of people who own homes and expect to come back and find them the way they left them."

Robinson filed suit without legal representation. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

The women who brought the suit are representing themselves and have no lawyer. A man described as their spokesman, who said he holds a law degree, thinks the real culprits are financial institutions that are keeping a huge inventory of foreclosed homes off the market to artificially inflate prices.

The man, who is also not a lawyer… oh my. This has stupid written all over it.



Anonymous said...

Funny how it was ok for the white man to use this law for many many years but as soon as anyone other then a white person uses the law then its a crime. Are they going to go after other who have used this law in the past...NO. Yes it is a real church and I suggest you have your fact right before you put down a women of God!

Mojoey said...

This is not about race. It is about ethics. What this woman did is wrong. I don't care if she is black or white, male or female, or Christian or atheist. She is a committing fraud.