Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Youth pastor Matthew Davis arrested

Sexting is a crime; especially if you are 26-year-old married youth pastor. Considering the 15-year old age of the victim, I think it is a lucky that the youth pastor was not arrested with his thumbs broken. What a creep. That's right. I'm calling former youth pastor Matthew C. Davis a creep. If the stories are true, the Matthew was living a fantasy in which a young vulnerable teen would become his replacement wife. He was allegedly texting his love and desires to run away with the young congregant. These fools ever learn?

According to charging documents, Davis began sending romantic email to the girl early in 2012 and ultimately offered to leave his wife to start a new life with the girl. He is alleged to have said he would quit his job at Boeing and follow her to college.

Writing the court, King County Detective Chris Knudsen said Davis's messages had turned sexual by May, when Davis's wife discovered them. Davis then confessed the "inappropriate relationship" to his church supervisor, the detective continued, who went to police.

Source Charge: Seattle youth pastor sought sex from teen by Levi Pulkkinen

I love the part of the narrative that suggests that Davis' supervisor took the matter right to the police, and then church fired him. It is exactly what should be done. Good job Grace Church of Seattle! The next step is to post information on your blog or on your website acknowledging the event and talking about what is happening now. It's the right thing to do.

Hat tip to Anne. Thanks!

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