Thursday, August 02, 2012

Pastor Robert Thomas arrested

This is a sad story. A would be pastor of a storefront-type church in Salisbury allegedly conspired with his grandson to steal $15,000 from his employer. The crime was simpleminded. The police put together the facts and made an arrest with little effort. I'm guessing Thomas was not a master criminal. 

Deputies say Thomas and Beck went to breakfast every morning at Richard's BBQ in Salisbury at 8:30.  They say one day recently when they got back to Beck's home on Winding Way, they noticed the attic door pulled down in the garage.  Thomas called 911 and a deputy came to investigate.  The deputy noticed that insulation was on the floor and the back door of the house had been opened.  Beck noticed that more than $15,000 in cash was missing from the house, while other items like guns and prescription medication were not disturbed.
Source: Pastor accused of using grandson to steal thousands from best friend

"Pastor" Robert is going to spend his twilight years in prison. I wonder if he will be able to bunk with his grandson?