Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pastor Andrea Lewis arrested

Pastor Andrea Lewis of the Act on Faith Ministries, was arrested on three counts of molestation of a juvenile. 

Nearly two decades after the onset of a relationship, a Shreveport woman has come forward to police about a sexual relationship she had with her pastor, while she was only 13-years-old. In a tearful interview with KSLA News 12, a woman who claims Lewis took advantage of her recounts how the inappropriate relationship started and why she decided to come forward years later.

Source: Shreveport pastor arrested, accused of molesting teen girls

Pastor Lewis ran a storefront church. Alarm bells should go off in the heads of anyone walking through the doors. I don't care if it's the poor catering to the poor. You must have some standards. Instead, we have alleged abuse running over years. We also have additional victims. 

I am sure to hear that Lewis was no pastor when Christians post on my blog. His church is a cheap and ill kept storefront. He runs it as a business. I'll bet is that he has no formal or accredited religious education either. Real Christians will point out the obviously runs it as a business.  Lewis is running a scam. A fool can see that. BeforeChristians start to pontificate here I want to be clear; unless you call him out before the abuse, you don't get to kick him off your team after. 

Christians should be calling out the dangerous and ineffective  operations that are setup to feed on people. Police your own. The government should also set standards from granting tax exempt status to churches like this one, or better yet, get rid of the tax exempt status all together.