Sunday, August 19, 2012

Link love and other rants

At this stage in my blogging career I’ve come to realize a few things. The first is simple. I am not a joiner. I prefer blogging because it’s just me. I’ve written almost six thousand posts over the years on all manner of subjects. I don’t join in the wider movement by participating in atheist and free thought events because I’m antisocial by nature. I have to work at being social. I spent most of my energy being social at work. I have little energy left to give once the work day is done.

What few events I have attended are usually populated by jackasses like Bruce Gleason, whose Backyard Skeptics is tearing up bibles down at the Huntington Beach Pier this weekend. Bruce has an agenda I do not understand and appears to be focused on gathering as much media attention to his hateful antics as possible. Plus, every event I attend seems to be a backhanded fund raising effort, even simple meet ups. I just want to have a beer and talk to a few other atheists without the added burden of a hidden agenda.

I keep plugging along though. I plan on having a few beers with a bunch of brucesless atheists next week. It should be a hoot.

Another thing I’ve learned is that I hate politics and dissention, which seems to be the only thing happening in the free thought movement at the moment. It’s a shame too. I’m a huge fan of Freethought blogs and Skepchick, I died a little inside over the whole Thunderfoot insanity, and a little bit more of the sexual harassment blow up at TAM. What the fuck people? Are we seriously debating the need for a policy? A policy is required along with whatever else is needed to ensure the misogynists among us do not ruin everything. And by ruin everything I mean silence the voices of our intelligent and insightful female atheists and free thinkers. I want to hear their voices, so do a lot of other people. To quote the late Rodney King, “Can’t we just all get along?”

Freethought blogs puts out a lot of good content. I love good content. Take the recent post, Fuck you, Florida by Crommunist. It made me angry over the stupidity that passes for Republican strategy in Florida. Making me angry is a good think… it feeds my desire to write.

The campaign against Amy Davis Roth by Jason Thibeault is another great post and one that makes me scratch my head in wonder. Why is it that we are feeding on ourselves? How does this craziness help the movement? I had thought Ross a wonderful voice for reason until the whole DCMA takedown affair was linked to her. Now I’m on the fence. Her efforts feel wrong.

Anyway… it’s Sunday I should be playing discgolf.

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