Sunday, July 01, 2012

Mass public resignation from Mormonism

I had a what the fuck moment when reading a story about Mormons who had gathered in Utah to resign from their church. It was this section:

Married in a Mormon temple, Fielding said the couples shared disaffection from their faith is tied in part to their local church leader's response to questions Fielding had about polyandry and polygamy - taking multiple husbands and wives - in the early church.

"I went to him looking for a faithful perspective. He called my wife and told her she needed to find a new husband," Fielding said.

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How dare the church stick its nose into the private family life of its members? Unfortunately, It is normal behavior. It is the price you pay to become a Mormon. You give up your privacy and the ability to manage your own affairs without interference from well meaning but poorly trained religious zealots. Besides Mormon's fairytale theology, this is what bothers me the most the church. The social aspects of Mormonism are insidious.

It takes courage to quit the Mormon church. Once you are a member, the social ties are strong. You face business and personal isolation. Your family will turn their backs to you. Your friends will disappear. You may even lose your job. I’ve helped two people and their families leave the church. In both cases, the people involved suffered horrible social pressure. I’m encouraged to see people leave in mass. It sends the right message.

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