Saturday, July 28, 2012

Marriage rights and WWJD

This post is not what you might think. The Friendly Atheist posted on the odd case of Charles and Te’Andrea Wilson, who were denied the right to marry in a Southern Baptist church because they are black.  Mississippi, is still Mississippi it seems.

Hemant Mehta does a great job of reporting on these types of stories. He captures the shock and outrage of these odd WWJD issues in a friendly way. I usually pass on the stories because I know he will run with them. I’ve changed my mind thought. I plan on posting each one I come across under a new WWJD tag. I think the stories capture the essence of my problem with some Christians. That being, are they really living the values of Jesus? It is when we hear a resounding no roll off our tongues that we see truth. Some believers behave immorally and call it Christianity. They failed the test. Somebody needs to point that out to them. The more of us who point it out, the better. The members and pastor of the First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs have all failed the test. Shame on you Dr. Stan Weatherford.

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