Monday, July 30, 2012

Is Mitt a twit?

Mitt-RomneyI don’t follow politics here on Deep Thoughts much. My attitude changes once a candidate starts to embarrass our country. Sarah Palin is a good example. There are others politicians who catch my attention. The Republican primary was full of them. Take Mitt Romney for example. I think his behavior during his recent international trip has officially nominated him as a member of the political nutball club. He is embarrassing. I should have posted when he screwed up his visit to England, but his gaff while visiting Israel is too large to pass up. Plus it pissed me off.

Romney on Monday said Israel's GDP per capita, a way to measure wealth, is more than twice that of the Palestinians.

He says the "power of at least culture," in addition to an innovative business climate and the "hand of providence," are the reasons why Israel is so much wealthier.

Source: Romney courts donors before leaving Israel

This is slave-owner thinking. Romney is suggesting that Israeli culture, which includes the suppression of the Palestinian people, is better is better than Palestinian culture because it is backed by God and as a consequence, is wealthier. It’s breathtakingly dumb. And Mitt… that hand of providence, it was wrapped around my tax dollars.

Is Mitt a twit? Yep.