Tuesday, May 01, 2012

White lies

I talked to a Christian woman today at lunch. She wanted to know how I felt about lying. I told her that I find liars intolerable. It seemed like common sense to me. If you are a liar, you are not to be trusted. She went on to ask about white lies. I told her that white lies are a necessary social lubricant. Everyone tells white lies, except for some people I know with Asperger Syndrome. She was shocked and claimed that she never told white lies… I knew she was lying though, because she had complemented me earlier in the day on losing weight when I know my ass is still enormous…. just saying.

It's funny though. People cannot be honest about lying because it paints an un-Chirst like picture in the eyes of others. Of course they tell white lies. Everyone does. But admitting to a lie puts your soul at risk. Does that make any sense?

Take this one, 'Your hair looks nice today honey." When you are judged, God will call our your lie, call you a sinner and then cast your ass in a lake of fire… for a white lie? ..but not if you've asked forgiveness first, but what if you forget some small transgression? How does that work again?
Oh wait… it does not work. That's why i'm on the A-Team.