Tuesday, April 03, 2012

I feel the love

I was asked today if I will be going to church on Good Friday by our Korean janitor. I was sunning myself like a big fat lizard, because I was not feeling well. He asked his question, in broken English, while I enjoying my moment in the sun, so naturally, I did not give my response much thought. "No. Atheist. Discgolf." His response was as hilarious as it was hateful. He acted like he had stepped in dog shit. He averted his eyes, said "No." while shaking his head, and stomped off in a huff. He's a very religious man. I am sure my office will never be cleaned again.

Such is life among the haters.

The other party to the event was incredulous. "But Joe, you don't act like an atheist. You read poetry and are so nice and everything."

Yep. I'm a nice guy. Too nice to argue the point. Duck. Water. Back.

Update 4/3/2012 evening regarding use of the word Korean. I blogged this from my phone today. It's easier to think at home. I would have left off the janitor's ethnicity if I had taken more time on the post. My bad. I am sorry. My Korean janitor is one of many Koreans that I know who are fierce Christians and defenders of the faith. I was tying to link this trait in the post and did so poorly. My janitor is a man I respect and one who works tirelessly at his job. I meant no disrespect.