Monday, April 23, 2012

Chuck Colson is dead

I’m not a fan of Chuck Colson. I found his past life working for Nixon a national disgrace, and his born again life as a Christian incomprehensible. He billed himself as America’s foremost Christian thinker, yet I found his thinking shallow, bigoted and hard to follow. I did not even need to buy his books. He sent them to me to read and review. I could not make it through a single one.

Colson died after surgery for a blood clot.

Colson was not my enemy. I did not think ill of him. I simply did not consider his brand of Christianity authentic. And by authentic I mean based in love. He stands for America’s broken right wing conservatives whose misplaced pseudo Christian values are ruining our democracy and hurting the needy. He considered me and my fellow atheists a threat to Christianity. I simply do not understand his reasoning. He spent his time with criminals in an unsuccessful attempt to make them better people through conversion to Christianity. Yet his recidivism rates were appalling, He thinks I’m dangerous… I’m model citizen. He spent his life playacting at being a great man and succeeded.... at acting.
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