Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday morning dose of hatred

Rich Santorum never ceases to amaze me with his unabashed hatred for gay Americans. This time he’s promising to nullify existing gay marriages if he elected president. Is this all he thinks about?

Rick Santorum says he'll try to unmarry all of them if he's elected president.

Once the U.S. Constitution is amended to prohibit same-gender marriages, "their marriage would be invalid," the former Pennsylvania senator said Dec. 30 in an NBC News interview.

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I remember when I was young and just starting to work in a professional field. I worked with a few gay men and women. I was fascinated by same sex couples because it was new to me. And by fascinated I mean I was kind of a jerk about it. I’m my relatively sheltered life, I was taught that gay people were something to be feared. Boy was I wrong. It took a few years, a couple patient friends, and some growing up, but I came to realize that gay people were just like me. That is to say, they were pursuing love and happiness the same way I was, and how they did it or who they did it with was not important. Today, I will fight for gay rights and for the right of gays to marry. People like Santorum… they are the ones to fear because they want to force their version of morality on others. Gay rights, there is no better cause to fight for.