Sunday, March 18, 2012

It’s symbolic. I get that.

I scratch my head at some of the stuff that goes on in Atheist circles. Take efforts to remove a blessing from a highway in Florida. An atheist group, Humanists of Florida, decided it was a good idea to wash away something that was not there in the first place. How does one wash away a blessing?

Representatives from various atheist groups in the area scrubbed the road at the Pasco-Polk county line. They were figuratively removing holy oil that had been put on the road last year by a group of area religious leaders. That group was Polk Under Prayer, or PUP.

Source: Offended by religious group's highway blessing, atheists 'scrub' it away

I guess they were hurting for publicity. Does this kind of activity really help the cause?

Why did they do it?

"It sends a very bad signal to everyone in Polk County, and (anyone) who travels through Polk county who doesn't happen to be Christian,” Palmer said, “This event is not about atheist rights; this is about welcoming everybody into Polk county."

But does it? I guess would have made sense a year ago when the blessing took place. A year later, not so much. It would also makes sense if you can actually see a blessing. Since you can’t, I’m thinking this is kind of pointless. I’d be interested in hearing more about why they thought this was necessary.

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