Friday, March 02, 2012

Bad yoga man. Bad!

Every now and then I read something and say, wtf? Like this. John Friend, the founder of Anusara yoga, taken a leave of absence over allegations of sexual misconduct. The odd part… one of the reasons listed for his stepping down, was his involvement in a Wicca coven. Is that a bad thing?

As with all cult-like movements, and I count Anusara Yoga as a cult-like movement, when the leader falls, the followers are caught by surprise and usually act as if they are in shock, or worse..

Few had any idea about his sexual indiscretions, she added. The apparent hypocrisy has upset many followers.

“Those folks are devastated,” Ms. Brower wrote in The Huffington Post. “They’re understandably disappointed to hear that he cheated on his girlfriends repeatedly” and “lied to so many.”

Source: Yoga and Sex Scandals: No Surprise Here

As with religion, some who lead are in it for personal gain, sexual conquest, and… because the are monsters.

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