Sunday, January 01, 2012

Photography projects for 2012

Photography is how I fill my down time. I usually select two or three things to work on every year. This year is no different.

Curate a collection of photographs (see odd bits).

My goal here is to find interesting photos from around the world and display them on my Tumblr blog. I’ll post stories about the photos here throughout the year. I’m off to a good start already.

This project is more for my own education more than anything else. There is much to learn from other photographers.

Do a public 365 (photo a day) project (see Flickr).

I’ve done this already as a private project for three years. I’m a prolific shooter. I’ve started this series off with a shot of my niece (shown below). I’m not aiming for high art here. I want to tell the story of my life in pictures. Trust me. It’s pretty dull.

Revisit the Carson Ugly project with a series of 12 photos and a visit to the run down Carson city library.

I work in the City of Carson. I don’t understand how a city with so much going for it can be so ugly and screwed up. I plan to prowl the city with my camera at lunch to document the conditions. My goal is a modest one photo per month, plus a focused article on the deplorable conditions at the local city Library.

Shoot 100 different bird species

I’ve always been fascinated with lists and naming things. I’ll put some effort into it this year and try to catch and name 100 different bird species. This one will be a challenge. 

365.1 - Liana

This litter charmer is my niece Lianna with her dad Don in the background. She’s a favorite for my camera. We get together on January 1st every year for a good meal together. Today was no exception.

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