Sunday, December 11, 2011

Steve Rosch and the Atheist Examiner

An Atheist friend recently asked who I read in the atheist blogsphere. I had to admit that the list is small. One writer that I hit every weekend is Steve Rosch who writes a column for the Atheist Examiner. He gives me good ideas. His latest post covers a review of Jill McDevitt new book, Fighting the Crusade Against Sex: Being Sex-Positive in a Sex Negative World.

Jill McDevitt recounts her struggles against the Catholic Church, a conservative politician, and the pervasive taboos against sexuality in our society.

The book is in part a documentation of her fight and in part a memoir of her life leading up to that fight. The chapters alternate between McDevitt’s efforts and obstacles in opening up her store, Feminique Boutique, and her early years of love and lost love which compelled her toward that end.

Sounds fascinating, right? I find that Steve brings these types of stories to his readers on a regular basis. Plus he gives me gift ideas…