Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Notes from the culture war

I spoke with a family member on Christmas about how pervasive Christian culture is in Southern California. He too is an atheist, but not out like me. I told him that I keep track of my contacts, be they in person or via the computer. It’s a hobby of sorts. This post is for him. It’s a list of my interactions from today.

I have breakfast with a co-worker at a nearby greasy spoon (a damn good one too). Korean Christians give me a pamphlet in the parking lot. It shows all the churches in the area I can attend to be saved. The local Catholic church is missing.

Still at breakfast – I’m handed a Watchtower while eating.

Still at breakfast – I tip large, the lady cleaning my table tells me God must have guided me to sit in her section. I tell her no – I sat in the the only available seat large enough for me at the time I ordered breakfast.God had nothing to do with it. She seems miffed but takes the tip anyway.

At the auto garage – manager asks me if I managed to go to church on Christmas. I said no. He’s a Korean – you don’t get invited to their churches, but they will always point you to a church they think you will fell comfortable in. He tells me about a church that meet just a few hundred yards away. I decline and then stick my headphone in my ears and walk outside to wait.

I play nine holes of disc golf at La Mirada – It’s near Biola University. The park is crawling with Christian types. You can tell Christians from the normal disc golfers as they will not offer to smoke a joint with you at the 4th hole. As I warm up, two different groups walk up. One prays before starting their game. They ask me to join them in prayer and then in their game. I pass.

Still at disc golf – the second group asks me if I’m a Christian. It’s the first words out of their mouths. I tell them to fuck off. I play alone, and really slow. When I get to my truck there is a bible track in my window.

I have lunch with the wife. It’s wonderful. We do not talk about anything remotely religious. My faith in humanity is restored.

I stop by Del Taco to get my son some chili fires (I can’t eat this stuff any more). The lady behind the window tells me to have a blessed day.

I figure today is not going to get any better, so I fire up TF2 and start practicing on a sniper server. After 10 minutes, somebody asks me if I am Mojoey the atheist. I say yes. The abuse starts… Only, I am able to retaliate by hunting him for the next half hour. Any time he showed his nose, I shoot him. He finally gives up and rage quits.

I check email. There is no new hate-mail (I get it everyday). But there is a heartfelt letter from some Christian youth telling me that I can be saved and that God loves me. Oh… and do I want to debate the existence of God. Um… No. I mark the sender as spam and move on.

It’s only 4:00 PM as I write this. There are still many hours to go and Twitter is beckoning.

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