Sunday, November 27, 2011

The very definition of Christian hypocrisy

Found via Reddit. Source: gMerrill

What do you call a man who is a Christian, a Mormon Sunday school teacher, and a lawyer? Most people would use a phrase like, ‘pillar of society’, or a ‘good role model’. When you add that he’s opinionated, and finds the OWS movement evil, you might have second thoughts though.

Ryan D. Whitaker via Facebook

Which laws do you occupy people support breaking in support of your cause? Rape? Molestation? Theft? Assault? Vandalism? What?? Why do you think you represent the hope of the future? You represent the most filthy, uncivilized, disorderly, stupid, gullible, and ugly side of society. You are NOT the 99%! You occupy your own separate little 1% somewhere in the hinterlands outside of decent, respectable, and honorable society. We could flush the public toilet, get rid of the lot of you, and the rest of society would not miss a beat.

He’s established himself as a opinionated hater, so his pillar of society image is a little tarnished. But wait, it get better. Whitaker was arrested for the alleged molestation of a young girl in his Sunday school class. The girl, a Mormon, and her parents, went to their Bishop with complaints of abuse. The Bishop did the right thing and brought it to police.

A witness told sheriff’s investigators that he noticed Whitaker paid special attention to the girl. Whitaker declined to make a statement, according to the affidavit.

Source: Vancouver attorney accused of abusing girl in Sunday school by Laura McVicker

Whitaker quickly goes from a pillar of society to a reprobate. He can’t even pay for his own legal defense. We have in Ryan D. Whitaker the perfect example of a Christian hypocrite. He projects a an image consistent with his religious values, but allegedly lives a life a depravity (when he can get away with it). This story repeats itself every week. It’s like a broken record.