Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The monster worshiping among you

LouisReVilleI say “you” because… well, the truth is I’m an Atheist. I don’t worship anyone or anything. That being said, I still detest liars and those who prey on our children. I think Christian poser Louis “Skip” ReVille qualifies as somebody deserving of my scorn and your attention. So, here it goes.

ReVille allegedly used his position as a the leader of a bible study, teacher, and coach to gain access to young boys and allegedly molest them. ReVille’s abuse spanned years. and included many boys. He rapped himself in the morality of Christianity. He used it as a disguise to hide his true intentions. He prey on his fellow Christian’s children. The parents set the table for him. 

But just how did he keep his sexual advances secret in a region well-versed in the threat of molestation? The area has seen a string of coaches, teachers, ministers and priests charged with similar crimes, including infamous predator Eddie Fischer, who molested more than 40 students during his teaching career. Charleston also is home to Darkness to Light, a national group that has trained some 300,000 people in ways to prevent child sexual abuse.

Source: Child molester: A community comes to grips with the monster who lurked in its midst

It is behaviors that are the primary indicators of a man’s proclivity for abusing children. Let’s look at ReVille’s behaviors. Are they those of normal adult?

  • He position himself to be close to children in every aspect of his life.
  • He chose to spend as much of his time as possible with boys.
  • He created situations where he can be alone with boys.
  • He brought boys on overnight trips.
  • He sponsored lock down sleep overs.
  • He gave kids rides to and from events.
  • He acted as a baby sitter.
  • He acted as a foster parent.
  • He hosted small group bible studies

Where is the warning sign? If you take his behaviors as a group and add his lack of normal adult interactions, you start to see the problem. When you add in how often he was passed from job to job, the problem comes into focus. Employers were playing pass he trash. They let his oddness slide. What they were actually doing was allowing him to continued access to children.

His arrest was a beautiful thing…

ReVille admitted to the allegations when confronted by police on Oct. 28, affidavits stated. He was arrested the same day, shortly after attending special training to help teachers and administrators prevent child sexual abuse.

Justice is a bitch. Public shaming is part of the process.

Hat Tip: Maximus Aurelius

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