Sunday, November 20, 2011

iPhone photo - industrial sunrise

What can you shoot now? It was a question posed on a photography podcast that intrigued me. I was listening to a podcast (and music at the same time), while eating a quick breakfast in my car. I was deeply into my own thoughts thinking about how many sunrises I've watched (There was one on the 4th of July in 1980 that was epic), when I realized I had rarely shot one. I tend to watch and think instead of watch and shoot. So at the prompting of the podcast, I pickted up my iPhone 4s and shot the photo above. Then, I pulled out my Nikon and shot the photo below. The photos are a minute or so apart.

I would have watched the sunrise without ever lifting a camera. It's one of those things I do that I don't understand. I did the same thing today at a party. I watched what was going on without lifting my camera. I enjoyed thinking about what was going on so much that it never occurred to me that I should shoot a few photos.  I snapped out of it before the end, but I missed a few iconic family moments.