Monday, October 10, 2011

Pastor Christopher Olague arrested

ChristopherOlagueThis case is in from my own back yard… Buena Park, CA. Pastor Christopher Ramon Olague of Refuge Southland Calvary Chapel, was arrested for allegedly molesting an 8-year-old girl. And the story goes…

Olague is accused of molesting a girl he was driving to his house for a playdate with one of his children, according to the report.

Instead, Olague drove to a Huntington Beach park and molested the girl inside his car, police said.

Before driving her home, he gave her $40 and asked her not to tell her parents, police said.

Source: O.C. pastor, soccer coach molested 8-year-old girl, police say

He treated an 8-year-old girl like a cheap hooker? How is that even remotely a Christian act? He Kidnaped a girl, molested her in a park, and then paid her for her services. Kidnapping, molestation, and solicitation… no, not Christian behavior, or I should say, not new testament Christian behavior. The old testament is full of this stuff.

Who gives their daughter to a pastor without supervision? Sorry parents. You own a piece for this for your serious lapse in judgment.

Refuge Southland Calvary Chapel does not acknowledge the Oague’s arrest. There is no public statement. The only visible sign that something is amiss is that the church’s Facebook page was set to private, which is typical for churches in crisis. They hide from public forums. I see it all the time. It’s an attempt to circle the wagons and its one of the reasons I write this blog. It’s my policy to allow church members the freedom to comment without my interference. Post away, but mind the trolls.

Pastor Olague is married with five daughters. I took a look at his family bio on the church website. It paints a happy/sad picture. I know his family is going through hell right now. It’s the dark side of these stories we do not see often. I wonder if his family will survive? I hope so, but it will be hard if Olaque ends up in prison.

One last thing. This story does not make sense to me. Why would anyone do something so dumb? If true, it’s like he was begging to be caught. I’m sure there is more to the story.