Friday, September 02, 2011

Youth pastor John Gamboa arrested

JohnGamboaSalano County youth pastor John Edward Gamboa is alleged to have engaged in some heavy petty and kissing with a girl under the age of 14. The girl was from his youth group and bible study. And get this – Gamboa was warned off the girl by the church and the girl’s parents after racy text messages were found on the girl’s phone.The continued to let him have access to the girl.

Police say Gamboa and the girl knew one another before they allegedly began talking and texting each other earlier this year. According to police, the parents learned of the communication and warned Gamboa to stop the inappropriate behavior after mediating the issue through the church. Police say Gamboa allegedly continued to meet with the girl on various occasions and engage in kissing and inappropriate touching with her.

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Let’s chronicle the mistakes.

  1. The parents report the crime to the church and did not notify the police.
  2. The church did not notify the police.
  3. The church may have violated California’s mandatory reporter laws.
  4. The church did not fire Gamboa.
  5. The parents did not remove their child from the church or youth group.
  6. The church did not increase monitoring.
  7. The parents did not increase monitoring.

Did I miss anything?

I need help in this case. Does anyone know what church Gamboa attended? It is not mentioned in the press.