Monday, September 05, 2011

Welcome to Texas, now gtfo

Gabriel Elizondo of Al Jazeera visits the small Texas city of Booker and runs into local haters. Elizondo’s blog post made my “Only in Texas” list. He ran into school system superintendent Michael Lee.
“No. You can’t film, you can’t take pictures, or interview people.”
“OK, can I ask why? And if you allow me can I explain…”
Cut off.
“No, I just expect that you will respect it.”
Clearly he didn’t want to hear anything from me.
Al Jazeera is not welcome here.
Read the rest of the story.
I find myself turning to Al Jazeera as a source for news more and more. I use their iPod app day. It’s a shame Texas cannot see them for what they are, A good source for news and a throwback to when journalism was a profession.

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