Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Wiccan oddness. Now with cats

I have a Google news filter watching all things Wiccan. I want to catch Wiccan crime. I’ve had to rename it Wiccan oddness. Sure, Wiccans commit crime, but they do a lot of weird shit too. Take Wiccan Gabriella Bernabei. A judge accepted her Alford plea on animal cruelty charges. During the investigation, authorities found  over 100 dead cats in her freezer. Bernabei wanted to give the cats a Wiccan burial. She is claiming religious persecution.

The mother of three maintains her innocence and says she’s been unfairly targeted because of her Wiccan beliefs.

“I feel this is an attack on my religion,” Bernabei said. “I was told, ‘Unless you accept the plea offer, you’ll be arrested ... and will spend 10 years in jail.’

“I felt like I had no choice (but to enter into the agreement).”

Source:: Woman found guilty of animal cruelty, child neglect

Did I mention it was a non-functioning freezer?