Friday, September 02, 2011

CSA link dump

There are endless stories about Clergy Sexual Abuse (CSA) inside the Catholic church. Here are the latest stories.

Testimony sheds light on how Philadelphia Archdiocese handled abuse complaints – A behind the scenes look at corruption, mismanagement and attempts to thwart justice.

Report Recommends Policy Changes For Diocese – Big surprise here. The Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese did not follow its own reporting rules.

Boston cardinal names abuse suspects – With a few glaring omissions.

Church abuse victims call for government to step in – Australians want help from their government. Apparently, the catholic church is not playing ball.

Five priests from North Andover Ties on Archdiocese Sexual Abuse List – For the record: James C. Shaughnessey, James T. McDonald, Benjamin J. McMahon Jr., Paul J. Finegan, and Steven W. Poitras.

Archdiocese creates Healing Garden for victims of clergy abuse – That’s one step better than praying for the victims.

Settlement of sex abuse case requires release of archdiocese files – 35 more pedophile priests are about to be outed by the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Champaign man gets $6.33 million in priest sexual-abuse case – A drop in the bucket for a case that has dragged on for years.

Diocese of Trenton settles priest sex abuse case for $1M with 5 altar boys from Ewing church – A small price to pay for the sins of Rev. Ronald Becker. I wonder if they take the cost of settlement into account when minting new priests?

Clergy devalues language in response to child sex abuse – Clergy weasel words. We’ve come to expect them.

Sunbury priest jailed for sex abuse – I’ll have to make a post about Rev. Michael Aulsebrook. He liked to molest 12-year-old boys.

These are the stories I’ve read. There are many more.

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