Friday, August 19, 2011

Youth pastor Thomas Fortenberry has an odd fetish

Youth pastor Thomas Jason Fortenberry liked to coat teen girls in honey and them film them disrobing and showering. I don’t make this stuff up.

The girls, two of whom were 15 and two were 17, were then told to wash the honey off their bodies – during which they were allegedly filmed by a camera Fortenberry had hidden in the bathroom at the Greater Harvest Community Church in Pasadena, Texas.

The matter only came to light after Fortenberry, then 26, began a relationship with one of the girls and confessed to her after they became engaged, The Smoking Gun reported.

Source: Church minister 'got four teenage girls to coat themselves in honey… and then videotaped them showering clean'

Fortenberry was the youth pastor at Harvest Community Church in Pasadena, Texas. He apparently cultivated a relationship with one of the girls he filmed and was engaged to be married when he told his fiancée about the video tape. She turned him in. I imagine her creep factor is running on high. She’s lucky she found out about the pervert now.

Fortenberry will not be charged because of the statute of limitations. Damn you Texas!

There is no press release covering the story on the church website. Pastor James Crum did not make a statement on his blog. My guess is that they are sweeping the whole thing under the carpet, which is typical.

One of the reasons I write these posts is to check the response of the church. Silence is not what I expect from a Christian, yet it is often what I get. All it takes is a statement to start the healing process. Why don’t they see that?