Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prayer circle bullshit

Perhaps I should say that a prayer circle was linked to the death of 5 innocent people?

Last week a stage collapsed at the Indiana State fair right before a performance by Sugarland. The band was saved from death by a prayer circle. I’m not kidding. These performers think that prayer saved their lives.

Whatever it was, members of Sugarland can thank stage manager Hellen Rollens for saving their lives by making a spur-of-the-moment decision to hold a prayer circle just before the stage collapsed last Saturday at the Indiana State Fair.

Looks like God was listening. Here's what happened.

And the 5 people who died in the accident… perhaps if Sugarland had died in the accident God would have been satisfied and allowed the others to live? Or maybe the 5 people who died were not saying the right prayers or not praying at all. I guess God wanted their prayers and killed them for not giving them up. I’m so confused. Is this how religion works? What about free will? God’s not supposed to play favorites.

Here is it though. We cannot thank God for saving people without also blaming him for the death of others.

Update: 8/18/11 corrections

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