Monday, August 22, 2011

Political Link dump


ann_coulterI’ve decided to start blogging politics since all of the Republican front runners in the 2012 election cycle are fundie nutballs. I’ll start with a link dump. Any one of these links is enough for a full rant.

Ann Coulter asks, “Can we get the ad to find Obama’s cocaine dealer?” (Huffpo)

Rick Perry was against Social Security before he was for it. (Time)

Standard & Poor’s president Deven Sharama steps down (BBC)

Christine O’Donnell, Newt Gingrich attack media over gotcha questions.(Daily Beast)

Glenn Beck’s Holy Land Crusade: A Jerusalem rally, anti-Semitism controversy. (Daily Beast)

Waters: Tea part can go to hell. (Politico)

Rick Perry can’t stop shooting from the hip. (Atlantic)

Poll: Obama crushes Palin among woman voters (Atlantic)

Our handy guide to the best coverage on Gov. Rick Perry and his record. (Propublica)

Romney to new Libya government: Hand of the Lockerbie bomber (Foreign Policy)

Rick Perry talks about sexxx (Gawker)

Rick Perry: Global warming is a hoax concocted by data-manipulating scientists (Treehugger)

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