Friday, August 12, 2011

Disc golf drill card

I played a game of disc golf Wednesday at El Dorado Park in Long Beach. It was a fun game with friends but frustrating for me. I missed 7 putts from 20 to 30 feet. I finally made 2 putts from 25 feet near the end of the game. It was too late to help my score. The real kick in the teeth was hole 12. I had a chance to par on the second longest pin placement. I’ve never done it before. I bounced off the basked low from 25 feet away. I was so close too. It’s the only hole on the course that I have not conquered.
My misses were frustrating. There were no clear misses except for a flubbed 10 footer. I hit the chains or the bucket on each shot. One of my friends asked me how I was so accurate. I told him that I practice and then explained my system.
I shoot at least 100 putts every session. I use a drill card (show above). An “X” marks a made putt. An “O” marks a miss. An “O!” is a bounce out. An “O>” is a miss right. The arrows mark the direction of my miss. My goal is 90%. If I make 90%, I call the session a success. If I don’t, I make another 100 putts.
It’s really helped my game. I’m a good putter. I feel like I can make anything up to about 40 feet every time I step up to a putt. Practice builds confidence.
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